Community Political Action--UC Agricultural Center, Santa Clara, CA
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UC Agricultural Center or Bay Area Research and Extension Center (BAREC)
This property has been contributing to our community since 1886: 1886-1920 as Osborn Hall, a home for mentally disturbed children, 1920-1963 families of Civil War Veterans lived on the now existing 1920 historical house, and 1928-2003 as an agriculture research and education center. The property is located in the City of Santa Clara, bounded on two sides by San Jose. It is on Winchester Street across from Valley Fair, the Valley's oldest and largest shpping mall, a few blocks from the intersection of I-880 and I-280. (See Map). This important resource is in danger. We need your help to obtain National Historical status.

We need one more vote to keep the land at least partially zoned agriculture and keep some of the land's history for future generations.
Quick Fact Sheet
Latest Update, "Why Does UC Center Need a Moderator?" 6/3/03
The following are the City Council Members who voted in favor of agriculture and open space at the Feb 15, 2003 meeting: Those opposing are: The most important thing to do is write and talk to these four council members.
Please contact Santa Clara City Council Members in support of the BAREC land:

City Hall
1500 Warburton Avenue (95050)
Telephone (office): (408) 615-2250
Fax (office): (408) 241-6771
What You Can Do
  • Contact Federal, State, and Local Officials. Our elected officials need to see that there are many citizens who support BAREC. Write to them even if it is a short note. Numbers count in politics. The most important thing is that we get one more vote on the Santa Clara City Council to keep some of the land zoned agriculture.Try to get these elected officials to influence the Santa Clara City Council in this direction. Read the synopsis.
  • Attend Santa Clara City Council meetings when the council votes to change the zoning from agriculture to housing or discusses important topics like the historical status of the property. The State says there is no historical value to this land.
  • Educate the citizens of Santa Clara who will be making the decision about this land's future. Print and distribute Action Fliers.
  • List of projects that would help save this land.
  • Send letters of support to:
    • Newspapers (addresses listed to the right)
  • Subscribe to VIVA (Valley Initiative for Values in Agriculture) mailing list.
  • Let us know you have sent letters to various people, let us list you as a supporter

Send Letters of Support to:

San Jose Mercury News
Letters to the Editor
750 Ridder Park Dr.
San Jose CA 95190
408-920-3572 fax 408 271-3792
Connie Skiptares, staff writer about BAREC issues

550 South First St. San Jose CA 95113 408-298-8000 fax 408-298-0602

If you are a Santa Clara citizen or work in Santa Clara, these papers are accepting letters:

Santa Clara Valley Weekly
3000 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Mission City News
Chris Stampolis
View event photos of Turf Field Day, (8/26/99) compliments George Hamma
Why is the UC Center an Important Resource?
Quick Fact Sheet
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Published Articles
"Silicon Valley Still Needs Agricultural Research Center."
San Jose Business Journal.. 1/24/2003
"It Can't All Be a Park."
San Jose Mercury Editorial. 2/3/03
"Save Agricultural Site."
San Jose Mercury Letter to the Editor 3/6/03

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"This site should receive national historical status. "
--Lori Garcia, author of "Santa Clara History", and Santa Clara Historian
Compilation of documents supporting UC Center Land as fufilling requirements to be a Historical Landmark.
Heritage Orchards of Santa Clara County, VIVA, April 2003
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