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Kathryn Mathewson, owner of Secret Gardens, is the co-founder of these organizations:
1. Friends of BAREC
2. SaveBAREC
3. VIVA Foundation (Valley Initiative for Values in Urban Agriculture and Horticulture)



Articles of Community Interest


"Secret Gardens"
By Vrinda Normand
Metro: Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper
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"Santa Clara's Precious Open Space Should be Preserved"
By Kathryn Mathewson and Brian Lowery
San Jose Mercury Op Ed Article
June 17, 2007
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"Is Toxic Land Going Up for Sale in the Bay Area"
CBS Channel 5 Investigates
By Anna Wener
June 19, 2006
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"Fate of the Former UC Agricultural Station Rests in Hands of Santa Clara City Council" (Cover Story)
By Mary Gottschalk
Rose Garden Resident
October 20, 2005
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"Santa Clara Valley Still Needs Agriculture Research Center"
By Kathryn Mathewson
San Jose Business Journal
January 24, 2003
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