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SOIL HEALTH: People and sources who support making the foundation of our gardens healthy and abundant with life are listed below.

Benefits of soil microorganisms: make nutrients available for plant growth at the time the plants require them and at the rates plants require; suppress diseases and pests; accelerate humification; balance soil pH, improve tilth; break-down organo-clay, etch out silicates; conserve, release and balance water usage; stimulate the natural growth hormones of plants; convert glucose and store energy; promote photosynthesis; balance oxygen and carbon dioxide; convert and release natural occurring soil and atmospheric nitrogen; improve macro and micro-nutrient uptake; strengthen RNA and DNA; elevate electrolyte for healthier and stronger plants; reduce weeds; remove chemical carry overs and other forms of pollution.
Dr. Elaine Ingham, PhD, soil scinetist at Oregan State University
Soil Foodweb Inc.
Reseach, consulting, publications, talks, and soil tests of ratios of fungi to bacteria, root feeders to beneficials, protozoa to bacteria.

Environmental Health Foundation
Dr. William Jackson, PhD
822 Shady Glem
Martinez, CA. 94553
925-228-2663 (educational videos, speaking engagements)
925-228-1332 (for product information)
925-228-7885 (fax)
Approved for organic growers as additives for healthy soil:
The Vital Answer
(1) Bio-stimulant
(2) Liquid Energy aka Humic Acid Derivative (formerly Liquid Compost)

John Thorne
Thorne's Organic Fertilizers
1975 Sheep Camp Road
Gardnerville, NV 89410
775-782-8093 (fax)
Available for sale are numerous organic fertilizers/amendments in combination or separately which create healthy soil (including but not limited to soil microbes, mycorrhizael fungi, nitrogen fixing bacteria, amino acid enzymes, hormones, proteins, humates, and homeopathic ingredients). Research and customers available to support the products.

Grover Landscape Services
2825 Kieman Avenue
Modesto, CA. 95356-9749
209-545-3315 (fax)
Sells and delivers composted organic soil to the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley.



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